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SPINNING, a separate Studio experience within Toms River Fitness

Easy as “riding a bike”, but with the potential to energize your life.  One ride doesn’t fit all.  You’re in charge of your resistance settings and the challenge you may want.  We provide the music, the energy, and the mystical road trip.

Spin only participants are welcome; think of us as a stand alone studio.



Member Spins - 10 for $49

Non Member Spins - 10 for $69

One Class - Drop in $10

Meet Our Instructors

Marci Brush 

This high-intensity, upbeat indoor cycling class will challenge you through motivating music to make your heart pump! Marci's class will bring you a unique combination of terrains, speeds, intensities, tabatas, jumps & bumps to keep you challenged. New playlist every class!

Karen Santosuosso 

It's all about you! Join Karen for a series of cycling drills that are sure to challenge your strength & endurance! You will be motivated to push yourself to your personal limits. Music...well, let's ROCK! How bad do you want it?

Regina Avenoso 

Grab your cycling shoes or regular sneakers & saddle up! This ride will improve your heart health, help anxiety, lower your body's working breaking point & make you feel energized! Regina will guide you through all terrains, flats, climbs, sprints & jumps!

Amy LaBarca

Come for an early morning ride which is sure to energize you for the whole day!

Jill Rand

If you like music that brings you back to your teenage pals, you'll feel right at home. This program is structured for all fitness levels, you control the intensity. Together we will create great energy!

Jo Ann Squicciarini

Join me for the ride of a lifetime. I will challenge you every week to a different ride. We will smash your previous workout goals together, always with a driving beat in your ear & I promise to keep pushing you hard. I will take you up & down hills, put you on flat roads and take you on an interval ride like you've never experienced before!

Kristy Callas

This fast beat, high energy class is designed to help beginners build confidence, strength and stamina, as well as encourage experienced cyclists to challenge themselves. Whether you are riding flat or climbing a hill, you will be left sweating & breathless.

Theresa Russo

Join me for a challenging & inspirational ride to a variety of music. Hills, speed and drills to push yourself out of your comfort zone. This class is designed for every fitness level. Come join me for a few laughs and lots of sweat.

Mia Cipolla

2000's hits follow dance classics during this ride. You will be pushed out of your comfort zone, & after a few rides, challenging yourself to become a part of your comfort zone. I'll keep you young & always guaranteed a sweaty ride.

Sue Minnitti

Theme oriented, hand clapping and challenging workout, in a friendly atmosphere with music for every ear, inspirational climbs, exhilarating downhills, flats & fun jumps.

Darlene Cornell

Come and enjoy a passionate and intense ride! With a variety of programs, all of which are designed to bring out the ultimate in everyone from the elite athlete to the beginner.

Cathy Morris

Do you like to workout & have fun at the same time? Cathy's class is energetic & motivating. It is about your goals & challenged with a variety of climbs, flats and jumps. Music from the 50s thru today. You are guaranteed a great workout!