mind body schedule 2017

                              MIND & BODY CLASS DESCRIPTIONS

Chair Yoga-(60 minutes) Increase flexibility, strength and relieve tension with yoga based exercises using a chair.

Hatha Yoga-(60 minutes) Best for beginner or intermediate.   Includes basic breath work, postures and meditation.

Hot 26 Yoga–(75 minutes) Consists of 26 holding postures performed in a heated room 95-100 degrees.  By performing this sequence in the heat you will strengthen your body, increase your balance & flexibility while eliminating toxins & burning fat!  The postures will be taught for all levels so anyone can do them.  Bring a mat, large towel, washcloth & water.

Pilates 101-(45 min) Tone your entire body while improving posture, flexibility, balance and core strength.  This pilates class is geared for the beginner or for those looking for a gentler workout.

Pilates-(45 min) A class geared to increase the strength and flexibility of your “core” muscles, the muscles that stabilize and support your entire body.

Pilates Strength-(60 minutes) Class focusing on strength, balance & flow of movement.  TRX, rings, bands, bars & light weights will be used

Power Vinyasa Flow Yoga–(60 minutes) This is a flowing style of yoga, class focuses on core strength, balance & flow to build a solid practice based on strength & spirit.  Instructor’s role is to guide students to make their practice their own & their intention personal, each student is encouraged to embark on their own yoga journey.

Restorative Yoga-(60 minutes) Best for beginners. This class will relax your body and calm your mind emphasizing flexibility, breath work and meditation in a gentler manner.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga–(60 minutes) Best for intermediate or advanced levels of fitness.  This class coordinates fluid movement between powerful yoga poses with the breath which creates both cardiovascular & strength training workout, ending with a final meditation.  Hot Flow Yoga-Same as Vinyasa Flow Yoga only in heated room (95-100 degrees)

Yoga Lattes-is a 60 min class which combines yoga & pilates.  Great for stretching & building a strong lower back.