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Bands, Balls & “Bells”-  body conditioning exercises using the “big” balls, rubber bands, cables and dumbbells.

Beginner Step- A 60 minute class designed to teach the new stepper basic step terminology while getting a great cardiovascular workout.  The last 10 minutes of class may increase in intensity to prepare for the next step after beginner.

Bikini Blaster– Get your lower body into shape with this strength & cardio program. This will get your butt, hips & thighs bikini worthy.

Body Shred– This class is designed to be a full body workout to assist you reduce weight and tone up your body.  The class is a blend of cardio, strength training & abs training. The 3-2-1 interval system has 3 minutes of strength training, two minutes of cardio & one minute of abs.  Short cool down & body stretch concludes this class.

Break It Down- Choreographed dances that are dynamic & exciting & easy to follow.  If you like to dance then this class is for you.

Butts & Guts– Get your lower body into shape with this strength & cardio program. This class will reshape your butt, hips & thighs.

Cardio Circuit – An intense workout with stations set up to challenge the entire body.

Cardio Sports Interval –  This class takes you through a series of challenging high intensity sports drills & intervals of various weight training combinations that will guarantee maximum caloric expenditure & fat burn.  Equipment used will vary each week from TRX straps to steps & dumbbells.  Get ready to take the challenge!

C.B.X-High energy cardio workout which combines punching and combinations on the heavy bag with intervals of TRX training.

C.S.I. –(Cardio strength Interval) Designed to define & strengthen body.  Get a great cardio & muscle conditioning workout.

Chair Yoga- Increase flexibility, strength and relieve tension with yoga based exercises using a chair.

Core Conditioning-  This class incorporates traditional abdominal work combined with Yoga & Pilates based moves to tone and strengthen the core (abs & back) muscles of the body.

Core TR-This 45 min class combines traditional abdominal work with TRX exercises for the abs.  Great class for the waistline!

Dance Aerobics- this is not your traditional aerobics class. Learn easy to follow dance

combinations to uplifting music while having fun. Great workout and fun too!!!

Dance Step Interval-60 mins of high intensity exercises, utilizing dance moves on the step with intervals of weight training.

F.I.T.- (Fierce Intense Training) This class is designed for the fittest people in mind however it could be a challenge for someone who is not so fit.  This class incorporates power, agility and speed drills to train and shock the body.  Running and jumping rope are always included.  Give it a shot and see how fit you are.

Hatha Yoga-( 75 minutes ) Best for: Beginner or Intermediate.  Includes basic breath work, postures and meditation.

Kickboxing- Sweat it out!   Jab, Cross, Hook, & kick during this intense cardio workout.

Lighter Side-  A workout that focuses on increasing muscular strength and bone density.  Class includes an easy to follow low impact aerobic dance warm-up followed by body strengthening exercises.  Chairs are provided

Lite Bar- Similar to “The Bar” class just less intense with retro style music.

Out Of The Park-this class is for people with Parkinson.  It will build strength, balance, coordination and flexibility.  $

Pilates 101- tone your entire body while improving posture, flexibility, balance and core strength.  This pilates class is geared for the beginner or for those looking for a gentler workout.

Pilates-  A class geared to increase the strength and flexibility of your “core” muscles.

Piloxing-Class blends the power, speed & agility of boxing with the flexibility of pilates.  Weighted gloves are used to tone arms & maximizes cardio benefits.  Bare feet are optional.

Power Vinyasa Flow Yoga –This is a flowing style of yoga.  The class focuses on core strength, balance and flow to build a solid practice based on strength and spirit.  The instructor’s role is to guide students to make their practice their own and their intention personal.  Each student is encouraged to embark on their own yoga journey.

Restorative Yoga- (60 minutes) This class will relax your body & calm your mind emphasizing flexibility, breath work & meditation.

S.L.A.M.- (Step, Lift & Motion) -Cardio exercise using intervals of step and aerobic movement while using dumbbells,  band and bars.

S.L.T- (Strength, Length & Tone)-Yoga mats required.  Step onto your mat in a warm studio as the tunes fuel your motivation to flow through planks, postures & stretches. $

Spinning-50 minute journey done on stationary bicycles that provides total mind and body fitness in a non-competitive atmosphere.  Spinning is intended for everyone & all fitness levels. 30 minute free trial spin for beginners on Saturday mornings.

Step/Abs-Cardio exercises utilizing a bench & risers, class ends with abs exercises.

Step Shred-This 3-2-1 interval system has 3 minutes of strength training, 2 minutes of cardio (step) & one minute of abs.

The Bar-  It’s a “happy hour” at The Bar.  Join us for 60 minutes of choreographed weight-training performed to popular dance music using  weights.  The program is designed to burn calories & conditions the major muscles of the body.

Triple Threat-A combination of  CORE strength training, HIT CARDIO and COMPOUND body movements that incorporates multiple muscle groups for an effective & efficient resistance training workout. The advanced level of strength & movement  in TT appeals  to those with a foundation in strength & cardio endurance as well as those looking for a fitness challenge.  Modification are available.

TRX Body-Suspension training with piece of equipment that hangs from the ceiling, your own body weight is the key factor in this state of the art workout.  Great whole body workout, even your core!

TRX Cardio-This is an alternating style class with part of class doing TRX exercises while other part of class is doing cardio & weight training moves.  Great cardio workout!

Unload your Back– Achieve and maintain a healthy back by doing these gentle mat exercises geared to strengthen back, abs and increase flexibility of the spine.

Urban Rebounding-  A 45 minute aerobic workout performed on the “rebounder” utilizing standard aerobic moves, sport specific conditioning training, core stabilization techniques, and abdominal work performed to high energy music.

Weight Training- a total body workout designed to mimic the weight room without machines.  Build muscular strength while developing long, lean muscles.

Vinyassa Flow Yoga – (75 minutes) Best for intermediate or advanced levels of fitness.  This class coordinates fluid movement between powerful yoga poses with the breath which creates both cardiovascular & strength training workout, ending with a final meditation.

Yoga Lattes-is a 60 min class which combines yoga and pilates.  Great for stretching and building a strong lower back.

Zumba-A great class that fuses Latin rhythms & easy to follow moves to create a dynamic workout that will blow you away!

Zumba Gold-this class follows the same Latin rhythms as Zumba but with an easier pace.   Great for everyone with emphasis on beginners.